PVCu Panels. Styled for individuality.

New for 2015... Our exciting new range of PVCu Door Panels are now available. Vibrant Heat Reflective CoolSkin colour options and bespoke glass and glazing designs make Hallmark Panels the panel of choice.

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PVCu Door Panels Collection
PVCu Coloured Door Panel Collection

COLOURED. PVCu panel design for living.

A comprehensive collection of coloured PVCu door panels with Heat Reflective technology designed to help prevent warping, bowing and cracking.

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PVCu Inverted Door Panel Collection

INVERTED. PVCu door panel collection.

Inverted PVCu Door Panels have the moulding pressed into the door panel skin rather than standing proud of the panel face like our classic panels. We have a selection of new inverted panel designs to choose from, all environmentally friendly, CFC and HNC free.

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FINISHING TOUCH. PVCu flat panels.

All sizes, colours and finishes. Select from a comprehensive range of standard white or colour matched flat panels. Panels are available as full size sheets or can be supplied cut-to-size and reinforced as required.

PVCu Flat Panels
PVCu Flat Panels